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Stalled murder investigation 1 year later after man was murdered in one county, found in another

SUNFLOWER COUNTY, Mississippi (WLBT) – It’s been a year since Darius Woods was murdered in one county and then found in another.

“My son has been dead and buried for a year and no one seems to care about his death. But I do! ”Said Debra Woods, Darius’ mother.

In December 2020, Darius Woods was shot in the back of the neck in Yazoo City. He was then dumped in two counties in Sunflower County, where the local sheriff’s department found him.

Now Wood’s mother says the investigation has stalled. “Yazoo County and Yazoo Town are not trying to help, and neither is MBI.”

However, according to the Sunflower County Sheriff’s Department and the Yazoo City Police Department, it was not their fault the investigation was stopped.

Yazoo Town Chief Joseph Head said the investigation began when he was in the sheriff’s service and Sunflower County made it clear they did not want help.

“My investigator in the Sheriff’s Department at the time was Investigator Terry Gann. He was trying to help Sunflower County, if that happened in Yazoo, that Yazoo could already work there. But he was informed that they did not need any help.

And Chief Head says months later Sunflower County asked his department to take care of the case despite not having worked on it.

“They worked everything. I mean, they had the case for months before they finally came back and said it just happened here. Do you see what I’m saying? It was like that. No one here was involved in anything.

Deputy Chief Marvin Flowers made a statement saying Sunflower County has done everything it can for the investigation – including arresting the suspect on charges laid inside the county – but not the murder that happened in Yazoo town.

But for Woods’ family, all they ask for is help – so they can finally find peace.

“Someone has to step in and do what they’re supposed to do,” Woods said. “It is very emotional for our family because of the way they are doing and how they are not helping us.”

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