To complement the heightened attention to Sumeru following the recent live broadcast in Genshin Impact are leaks related to artifacts and weapons for the yet to come land of Dendro. Livestream 2.8, despite the technical difficulties encountered while running it, presented the playerbase with some new content to look forward to in the upcoming patches. 2.8 is expected to be a return to the Golden Apple Archipelago, featuring skins for old favorite characters, and will see long-awaited reruns of 5-star characters like Kazuha.

Player interest was inevitably diverted when the end of the live stream released in-game footage from the next region, Sumeru. Encompassing lush foliage and jungle forests, the Dendro Nation awaits after Patch 2.8, and players have already begun to eagerly anticipate its arrival. Such player excitements haven’t been helped by the batches of patch 3.0 leaks, featuring full-fledged character models and game kits belonging to familiar faces.

More Genshin Impact leaks have come out of the woodwork with some details about the artifact and weapons discoverable in Sumeru. Permanent backer Blank posted a few tweets on Twitter detailing these finds, specifically a set of Dendro artifacts and a set of 4-star weapons with proper image rendering.

While the second set of artifacts shown in the image are disputed, the first set is declared authentic by the lessor. memories of the forest appears to be an artifact set intended to be the go-to artifact set for Dendro characters, providing elemental damage bonuses and shredding enemies’ defense against the still playable element. Since the Artifact Domains both feature Artifact Sets, it will be interesting to see what the other Artifact Set will be in the Dendro Domain when the time comes.

Accompanying the artifact leaks, the model rendered a series of weapons called Arakalari, the set features a carpentry aesthetic and appears to match the nature-inspired landscape of Sumeru. While there are no further elaborations in terms of stats or acquisition methods, this weapon series could potentially serve as Sumeru’s crafting series, so it might be worth keeping a few banknotes handy. hand in case they are.

Other weapons that have been leaked include a five-star bow called the Ayus bow, referred to as the Dendro Archon bow in the data extracted files. Also, a bow crafted using a Greatsword called Fin Bow serves as an event reward. Players can peruse these leaks at their own pace on the Twitter account, as posts featuring these renders are all available to the public.

For the avid Genshin fan interested in the prospect of Sumeru-related data mines and leaks, the past few weeks have proven to be a wealth of information on these fronts. It’s hard to say if this trend will continue, but this newfound community interest in Genshin likely won’t subside until Sumeru finds himself in the faces of Genshin gamers.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS.