What are the best petrol hedge trimmers?

A well-trimmed hedge is a beautiful thing, but it is difficult to maintain without a good hedge trimmer. Large, thick hedges are even more difficult to maintain, requiring a more powerful gas trimmer. There are several excellent gas-powered hedge trimmers on the market, so choosing among them can be difficult.

The Poulan Pro 22-inch 23cc Dual-Sided Gas Hedge Trimmer is affordable, powerful and easy to use, making it a great choice for the average home and hedge owner.

What to know before buying a petrol hedge trimmer


Gas-powered hedge trimmers have a two or four-stroke engine.

  • Two-stroke engines are by far the most common, mainly due to their more affordable price and lighter weight. Two-stroke hedge trimmer engines come in a narrow range of sizes and horsepower, making the selection among them relatively unimportant.
  • four-stroke engines have increased potency and durability and emit less by-products, but their weight makes them too difficult to use on an average hedge.

Blade Orientation

The blades of gasoline hedge trimmers have two orientations: horizontal and end.

  • Horizontal the blades look like chainsaws. They are more balanced, which makes them easier to handle. It’s also easy to see how your size affects your hedge.
  • To finish the blades have a long bladeless handle with cutting blades only at the tip. They are used to trim tall hedges. It can be difficult to narrowly trim a hedge with them because it’s hard to see how you’re trimming, but they’re much safer to use than a horizontal blade when standing on a ladder.

What to Look for in a Quality Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Blade quality

There are three qualities in a good blade: length, sides and maximum thickness.

  • Length: Most gas-powered hedge trimmers have blades between 20 and 24 inches. Some high horsepower four-stroke models have blades as long as 40 inches. The longer the blade, the more you can trim at once, but the harder it is to wield.
  • Sides: Blades can be single or double sided. Double-sided blades are superior because they can cut more at once.
  • Maximum thickness: This refers to the thickest branch size your blade can slice through. Most blades cap out at 1 inch. Never attempt to cut thicker branches than the blade is designed for.


All gas-powered hedge trimmers emit nasty by-products due to their fuel source. The two main emissions control groups are the California Air Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency. Many states have banned the purchase, sale, and use of gas-powered hedge trimmers that do not have certification from one of these agencies.

How much you can expect to spend on a gas powered hedge trimmer

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are more expensive than their electric counterparts, starting at $150. Most cost between $250 and $350, with higher-end models reaching as high as $500.

Gasoline Hedge Trimmer FAQ

Do I need to sharpen the blades of my hedge trimmer?

A. Yes, but the frequency depends on your blade. Sharpening recommendations are usually listed in your instruction manual or on the manufacturer’s website. The medium blade should be sharpened every 50 hours of use. Be careful not to sharpen anything other than the cutting edges or you could damage your clipper. If you’re unsure of the process, many hardware stores and repair shops can sharpen your blades for a fee.

How much maintenance do gas-powered hedge trimmers require?

A. Not as much as you think. Most maintenance revolves around the engine – replacing parts, cleaning, etc. You should also clean your blades of any sap they collect and keep them sharp. Finally, you need to lubricate the trimmer. The exact maintenance requirements will be listed in your instruction manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

How should I store my petrol hedge trimmer out of season?

A. There are two key steps you need to follow to safely store your gas-powered hedge trimmer. The first is to make sure your fuel tank is completely empty. The second is to store it away from moisture, otherwise rust will accumulate. If you don’t have a dry storage space, pack it in waterproof packaging.

What is the best petrol hedge trimmer to buy?

Petrol hedge trimmer top

Poulan Pro 22-inch 23 cubic centimeter 2-stroke twin-sided gasoline hedge trimmer

What do you want to know: This mower is perfect for most homeowners.

What you will love: It costs less than many similar models. It’s lightweight at just 11.1 pounds, making it easy to use for long periods of time. The 22-inch blade is strong enough to mow tough branches. The handle can rotate and has anti-vibration mechanisms.

What you should consider: The pull starter has reports of breaking or being difficult to use. Some locations listed for warranty service will not honor the warranty.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top petrol hedge trimmer for the price

Proyama 42.7cc 5 in 1 Multifunctional Cutting Tool

Proyama 42.7cc 5 in 1 Multifunctional Cutting Tool

What do you want to know: This all-in-one machine handles multiple tasks at a great price.

What you will love: Attachments include a long-reach hedge trimmer, pole saw, trimmer and brushcutter. Some of the accessories have adjustable lengths. It includes several safety elements such as gloves, earmuffs and a face shield. It has a one year limited warranty.

What you should consider: Some consumers had difficulty understanding the instructions. Others felt it was flimsy and generated too much noise. It is one of the heaviest mowers at 30.8 pounds.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Husqvarna 21.7cc Gas 23.7in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 21.7cc Gas 23.7in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

What do you want to know: This is another option for most homeowners.

What you will love: It generates less noise and vibration than its competitors. The handle is adjustable. An air purge system facilitates starting. When turned off, the kill switch automatically resets for easy restarting. The blade is long at 24 inches.

What you should consider: It is heavy at 16 pounds. It is weaker than similarly priced and expensive models for its features.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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