The myth of consumer borrowers

A new study by Good Finance shows that people who seek and receive a consumer loan are, to a large extent, an average man with a sensible monthly income and control of the economy. According to Good Finance, approx. 35% of those who consume a consumer loan between the ages of 25 and 34, while […]

A few thousand forints pension savings nothing …

Articles that mention specific sums of money for retirement savings can be regularly published, which may be enough to accumulate or supplement your pension assets. In this article, we’ll go through the biggest false claims of these articles, or show you a strategy to accumulate a real pension supplement over the years… Retirement savings will […]

Some tips for investing well in Pinel law

Set up in September 2014, the Pinel law is one of the many measures developed by the government to help French taxpayers get into rental real estate. This legislation gives the individuals a multitude of privileges, including the possibility of paying less tax. However, this system is subject to several constraints and has some pitfalls […]

Danish kroner or local currency?

It often tempts to choose one’s own currency when paying for the item or restaurant visit abroad. The places that offer it that you can pay in Danish kroner by credit card show the amount in Danish kroner directly in the display at the payment terminal. In this way you will have to free yourself […]

Danes save thousands of dollars

With Good Lender’s service, getting and comparing multiple bank loan offers has been quick and easy. Besides the users, a lot of time saves, so in many cases they also save a lot of money. Our latest figure (2018) shows that users on average save DKK 12,500 by using Good Lender. In this post we […]